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  • | Craft Spirits Marketplace

    Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary or the winter holidays, it seems as if there is always someone in need of a gift. In December alone, the average shopper buys gifts for about eight different people. And with a busy schedule, it can be hard to find a thoughtful gift for each special person in your life. 

    When it comes to gifts, there is no better choice than alcohol. In fact, alcohol ranks consistently high on the list of gifts adults most like to receive. And for those who want their gift to stand out, a monthly alcohol subscription is a gift that will make anyone feel special. 

    Read on to find out more about gifting alcohol, and for a list of the best alcohol gift baskets to give today. 

    The Benefits of Gifting Alcohol

    Besides being easy to ship right to someone's door, there are plenty of reasons why alcohol gifts reign supreme for any holiday or special occasion. Here are some of the top reasons why an alcohol gift basket is the perfect gift for any of your loved ones. 

    It Has Prestige and Class

     No matter who you're shopping for, an alcohol gift basket is the perfect gift for the occasion. Alcohol gifts convey a sense of class and prestige that will make the recipient feel special, but they still provide something fun that can be enjoyed right away. Plus, you'll garner a reputation as a person who gives outstanding gifts.

    It's Classic Yet Unique

    It can be hard not to give some people variations on the same gift each year, especially when you know they'll enjoy it. With an alcohol gift, you can keep things interesting with unique bottles while still guaranteeing you'll gift something they can enjoy. 

    It's Shareable

    The best gifts are the ones you can share with those you love—and alcohol is no exception. All of your loved ones can have a taste of your gift and share a new experience together. With an alcohol gift basket, you can turn any gift exchange into a true celebration. 

    It Can Be Enjoyed Any Time

    Alcohol gifts are ones that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. Your recipient can open their newest bottle right away for immediate satisfaction, or savor it slowly at the end of a long week. No matter how they like their alcohol, they can have it their way with their own gift basket.

    It's Perfect for Anyone

    When you're feeling stumped about what to give, it's tempting to simply send a gift card or other generic type of gift. Unfortunately, this often screams "thoughtless" to the person receiving it. Alcohol gift baskets are a gift that anyone can enjoy, though they still convey a sense of thoughtfulness and personalization that makes the recipient feel truly valued. 

    Keep the Fun Going With a Monthly Alcohol Subscription

    Traditional alcohol gift baskets are great, but they can't be savored time and time again. This year, up your gifting game by sending your loved one a monthly alcohol subscription. With a subscription, yours will be the gift that keeps on giving months after the initial celebration. 

    The Best Monthly Alcohol Subscriptions to Gift This Year

    With so many alcohol gifts to choose from, it can be hard to decide which ones are worth sending to your favorite people. Here are the best alcohol subscription gift baskets that any of your loved ones will be delighted to receive in the mail month after month. 


    For the Bourbon lover, there is no better gift than a monthly Bourbon subscription from Mash&Grape. Featuring hand-selected bottles from American distillers, each one will provide your loved one with a brand new Bourbon experience every single month. And with the included tasting notes and secrets, they'll consider themselves a connoisseur in no time. 


    Give your loved one a trip around the world without requiring them to leave their home with a Whiskey subscription. Featuring Bourbon, Scotch and Japanese Whiskey, this gift box is one that Whiskey lovers across the globe can enjoy. Each month, they can experience the smooth, unforgettable taste of a new region.


    With its exquisite flavor and smooth, rich texture, Scotch is the perfect choice for any alcohol gift basket. Featuring an exquisite bottle of Single Malt Scotch every month—sometimes ultra-rare or exclusive, always exceptional—this Scotch subscription basket is guaranteed to impress even the most devoted Scotch lover in your life. 


    Give your favorite person a trip to the Golden Age with a Gin subscription gift basket. With a crisp new bottle each month, they'll discover how Gin has been redefined for the modern world as they sample flavors from regions across the globe—no passport required. 


    Your loved ones will appreciate the reminder of tropical beaches and warm waters when their Tequila gift basket arrives each month. These hand-picked bottles are specially curated to bring the joy of a hot summer's day into their glass, whenever they need it. 


    Transport any of your loved ones to the vacation of their dreams with a Rum subscription box from Mash&Grape. They'll enjoy the chance to unwind with a freshly mixed cocktail and relax after a long day, month after month. 

    Treat Your Loved Ones to Alcohol Year-Round

    The best gifts are the ones that keep on giving long after the special occasion has passed. With an alcohol subscription, you can give the gift of celebration month after month. 

    Featuring hand-picked bottles sourced from world-class distillers, your loved ones can enjoy hidden gems that even the most devoted connoisseur will be delighted by. 

    Simply pick your favorite spirit and decide how many months you'd like to gift, and you'll be labeled gift-giving royalty. Visit Mash&Grape to raise your gifting game today.