Agents of Discovery. Merchants of Craft. We are Mash&Grape. 

Our passion is helping you discover better drinking, and celebrating the craft of exceptional artisans. We are in the middle of a distilling boom not seen in a hundred years, and are lucky to have new and amazing options to explore. Making this exploration easier is our job and we scour the planet looking for products that excite and amaze us, so that we can share them with you. 

Our network of retailers across the country help us fulfill sales to over 35 states in the US. And our partnerships with distilleries and distributors help us bring exclusive products to you from time to time. Making all this easier and more fun is MashBox Club - our award winning subscription club - delivering you heard to find bottles every month, so you can discover new and amazing spirits from the comfort of your home. 

This is a labor of love. And a work in progress. As we discover great products, we promise to always share them with you. Even if that means beating our colleagues off with a stick to keep them away from the bourbon and single malts.

Meanwhile, stick with us. We know how to have a good time - and you're invited to the party!