Discovering The New York Craft Spirits Boom

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Waldorf Publishing is excited to be releasing the new book Discovering The New York Craft Spirits Boom by Heather Dolland.

ISBN: 9781634432610. Ethnic, Food & Wine, Entertainment

Release Date: July 4, 2015, $26.95

Discovering The New York Craft Spirits Boom
, chronicles the lives of 30 New York State craft beer distillers, exploring their distilling of such spirits as whiskey, bourbon, gin, and vodka, and intimately detailing their struggles and triumphs. The book covers the unique journey of each distiller and invites readers into the personal experiences that led each distiller to their work. 

The book also provides a political context, explaining that these journeys were only possible because of a regulation change that made distilling in New York State legal (for the first time since Prohibition). This change has since been championed by current Governor Andrew Cuomo, who casts himself as, “The most booze-friendly chief executive in state history.”

Heather Dolland is founder of All The Tastes Of New York, a business that creates high quality food crawl experiences. As she explains, “Food is the one language we all speak, and my goal is to curate experiences that propel dining from ordinary to extraordinary for my clients.” Heather’s business has been featured on The Fox News Channel, New York 1, Queens Tribune, Times Ledger, _SheKnows.com_ (, Mike The Wine Guy, The Trend Movement, and Susie Drinks Dallas.

Today, Heather has partnered with more than 50 culturally diverse restaurants throughout Manhattan—from trendy neighborhood bistros to fine-dining establishments—to deliver exciting culinary experiences with exceptional service in memorable atmospheres. Heather’s corporate clients include, Google, VeriFone, MetLife, and Tumblr. So far, more than 1,000 guests have participated in her food crawls (an activity that lends itself to singles’ events, business outings, and bachelor/bachelorette parties).

For over eight years, Heather was a brand ambassador for premium wine and spirit brands. Her experience working with these brands and creating food and wine festivals to promote them alerted her to the increasing number of distillers in New York State. After getting to know many of these craft distillers, she was inspired to tell their story.

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