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  • Natural Wine - Wines to Rock Your World! | Craft Spirits Marketplace

    Natural Wine - Wines to Rock Your World!

    #nattywine. Perhaps one of the most hyped terms of the wine world, but who knows what it really means? "Natural wine" is more than just a fad, it is a commitment to authenticity. Here at Mash & Grape, we care about honesty, from soil to grape to cellar to bottle. These natural wines are living, breathing gems, ones that will radically shift what you think about "wine" and give you all sorts of feels, whether you are porch-pounding with friends, or selecting a wine to celebrate a special occasion.


    "Dank Kool-Aid"

    Some wines just make you want to throw your nose in the glass and go to town. This Syrah/Grenache blend, "A Toi Nous", is from former Czech soldier-turned-Ardèche wunderkid Andrea Calek and is all sorts of musky. With forest floor aromas and an electric red berry palate, this wine will give a mushroom risotto fan their new best friend.

    "Smoky Tainted Love

    Mexico has been making wine for centuries, but with our hearts turned towards the agave plant, we rarely get a chance to see the wonders the country is making from grapes. Bichi's "Listan" is made from the Mission grape, a smoky, beef-jerky style red that punches with spice, then sweeps you in its arms with its juicy ripe cherry charms. Pinot Noir lovers, this one is for you.

    "Get Me To Summer Already!"

    Orange wine: still made from grapes! Skin-fermented white wines are all the rage, but this orange wine from Theo Coles, aka "The Hermit Ram" is something next level. New Zealand Muller-Thurgau that takes you right to the Bahamas, complete with a fruit plate, pina colada, and sunshine. Guava and cantaloupe, plus a radical little bit of mint on the finish. Slurp it up!