Holiday Gift Guide

2017 went by fast. So much TV. But we were still able to get our hands on some exceptional products. And like every year we look back and have some clear favorites in each category. Here are some of our recommendations.


For the Exotic Minded

Distant lands cry out to these types. Visions of the far east, dreams of the high hills, songs of the... well, you get it, these guys like the hard to get stuff. Ohishi Sherry Cask Whisky is sure to please them in that case. Whisky that was made in the 1800s, and is distilled entirely from rice? Doesn't get more rare than that. Kanpai! (Your friends will know what that means)

For the Big Bold Whiskey Lover

It's no secret we love Barrell Craft Spirits, and Joe and Tripp as well, down at their new distillery in Kentucky. But Barrell's latest releases blew us away. Just when we were thinking we might have seen the best they have to offer, they stepped up the creativity a notch and their latest releases are a master class in blending. A bourbon with a high rye mashbill that makes it spicy and grain forward and a whiskey with a distinct caramel tone to it are some of the best we have seen from this 2017 Best Bourbon of the Year maker. If you haven't tried Barrell, you must. And if you have, you must.

To surprise the Gin Lover

All natural Canadian gin handcrafted in small batches from 8 organic botanicals. We could just stop there and tell you get a bottle of this stuff. But then you wouldn't know the secret that lies within. You wouldn't know what happens to this gin when you add some lime juice to it. Or tonic. And you wouldn't know that it's all because of a flower that's known scientifically as Clitoria ternatea. Yep. It's called that because it looks exactly like...well, yea.

An excellent london dry gin that drinks smooth and is great fun. Don't forget to add that tonic.

For the Classic Scotch Enthusiast

To the snobs who turn their noses up at Macallan, we have only one thing to say - take a long sniff while your nose is still up there. And when you do, you'll smell what the world's most respected aroma expert has crafted with Macallan's Master Distiller Bob Dalgarno. While we haven't been bowled over in the past by the Edition series releases, this year's Edition No. 3 was the best so far and a sherry bomb in our opinion. Sweet, floral, balanced and delicious - a perfect sipper for any occasion.

For the Small Batch Bourbon Hunters

This type likes their bourbon the way they like their government - small. Maybe. We don't know actually. It just came to mind, given the current political climate and all.

Anyway... for the bourbon lover who wants to try something new, here is the result of boredom running the family's water business - a 10 year old, 90 proof bourbon made by two brothers in Connecticut (yes, you read that right). The juice is probably sourced from Kentucky or Indiana, but we don't care because it tastes friggin' delicious. If you want to drink, or gift good bourbon, buy this.

Perfect for Rum Sippers

Boukman Rum looks like it was discovered at the bottom of a sunken pirate ship. It's that awesome. And that's even before you open that bottle and take a sip. After pouring it into a glass obviously. We aren't animals.

This is an agricole style rum, which basically means it won't taste like that cheap swill you chugged with Coke. It's a lighter, more savory rum, infused with so many local Haitian botanicals that you would think they covered every plant on the island. This rum was made for sipping or crafting some nice cocktails with. If you're a rum drinker, you need to try this. If you are not, make this the first bottle of rum in your bar matey.


For Aged Tequila Aficionados

Let us first try and explain Ultra Aged, or Extra Anejo Tequila. It's tequila aged for an ultra long time. Or more than 3 years to be precise. To give some perspective, that's over 3 years more than Jose Cuervo light. When aged for so long, tequila takes on a dark amber hue and almost resembles scotch whiskey in appearance. And it drinks smooth, long and full with fruity notes of nuts, coffee and honey so delicious that we are now just describing Grand Mayan Ultra Agead as opposed to the category. That's how good this tequila is - it makes you forget about the rest. Plus, the handpainted talavera pottery bottle is simply gorgeous and makes for a great vase later on. Bang for your buck or what?

Cheer for the Vodka Drinkers

We are equal opportunity drinkers. And so Vodka drinkers are welcomed as well. Usually it's very hard to find a vodka to recommend. But assuming you've already got the plain vodka covered, here is something interesting. Cardinal Spirits out of Indiana has created a perfect holiday (or otherwise) Vodka using local black raspberries, hibiscus, a touch of agave and well, alcohol. Perfect with green tea to prevent hangovers (we think it works) or for sipping on the rocks, this is one delicious, not-too-sweet sipper, sure to get you in the holiday spirit. You see what we did there?

Can't Decide? Let Us Pick For You.

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