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  • | Craft Spirits Marketplace

    Once upon a time, the mail brought little more than random junk mail and the occasional bill. Oh, how things have changed.


    Today, pretty much everything we need, from eyeglasses to eggs, can be delivered to our door with a few keystrokes. And now, services like Mash & Grape have finally added whiskey to that list, too.


    Why shop online for your favorite spirits? Here are three main reasons–and a few ideas for your next delivery.


    It’s Convenient

    If we’ve learned anything from the past few years, it’s that online shopping has changed buying stuff forever. But until recently, distilled spirits were the last frontier.


    A bewildering quilt of laws, different in every state, made selling liquor online too complicated for most retailers. Fortunately for all of us who love filling our shopping carts without getting off the couch, that’s finally starting to change.


    Today, most people can fire up their computer and stock up their home bars with just a few clicks. Not only is it super-convenient, but it makes it easy to double-check that you’re really getting everything you need (how low is that bottle of Campari, anyway?).


    The Selection is Great

    Between unpredictable inventory, empty shelf space, and how astoundingly quickly all those super-desirable bottles fly off the shelf, it can be tough to find what you’re looking for at your local liquor store. 


    But online? It’s as easy as typing in a search.


    Mash & Grape stocks a curated yet extensive selection of all the best bourbons, ryes, Scotches, Irish whiskeys, Japanese whiskies, Gins, Tequilas, Mezcals, Rums, and Vodkas. That means you can shop for all your favorite bottles at one place—no more hopping around from that one store that has all the good mezcal, to the other that stocks the best bourbons. You’re welcome.


    You Can Surprise Yourself

    Everyone loves a surprise gift. But it’s tough to surprise yourself.


    Not so if you’re shopping online. Pick your favorite category, sign up for one of our Mash & Grape clubs, and savor the anticipation. We’ll ship you a surprise bottle of something special every month. Get ready for some new flavors—and you might even discover a brand-new favorite.


    Start Browsing Now

    Ready to start shopping? Here are a few of our favorite new releases, any one of which would be a welcome visitor to your front door.


    Stellum Black Bourbon

    From the folks behind Barrell Craft Spirits, Stellum Black Boubon is a premium version of their award-winning Stellum Bourbon. Both harness the meticulous approach to blending that Barrell has pioneered to create an elegant, modern whiskey. Stellum Black incorporates older reserve barrels along with the original Stellum Blend, delivering robust flavor alongside profound complexity.


    Pacific House Seaside Gin

    Distilled in San Francisco, California, Pacific House Seaside Gin channels the crisp, fresh character of a day at the Pacific coast. This is a clean, classic dry gin designed to shine in a gin and tonic—and for an extra maritime twist, try adding a tiny pinch of sea salt along with your lime.


    Sourland Mountain Spirits Apple Brandy

    Bourbon might be America’s most famous spirit, but did you know that Apple brandy actually has a longer history in North America? Sourland Mountain Spirits’ version of the colonial-era staple is fruity and aromatic, with underlying layers of warm


    Åhus Akvavit Midvinter Ltd. Release

    The Swedes know a thing or two about enduring a long, cold winter—and one of those things is aquavit. Åhus Akvavit Midvinter is inspired by holiday aquavits that pair crisp fennel and caraway with warming winter spices like vanilla, cinnamon, apple, and lemon peel. Try it neat, or stir it into a Scandi-inspired hot toddy and feel your worries melt away.