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    Glasses up! Bourbon is a $9 billion industry, with thousands of companies across the United States making it. 

    But not everyone gets to enjoy bourbon. Many people think that storing bourbon is like storing wine and beer. In reality, the process of how to store bourbon is a complicated one, and you risk spoiling the drink if you're not careful.

    What containers should you use to store your bourbon? What is the best way to store bourbon inside your house? How can you figure out where to store bourbon? 

    Answer these questions and you keep your bourbon perfect for years to come. Here is your quick bourbon storing guide.


    Popular brands of bourbon like Boone County Pot come in glass bottles. Glass does not impart flavors or chemicals into the bourbon, so you should keep your drink in glass containers.

    If your bottle or the seal around it breaks, you can transfer the bourbon into another glass bottle. Make sure the bottle is clean before you pour the bourbon in. 

    Once your bottle is more than two-thirds empty, you should put the remaining bourbon in a small bottle. The flavors of bourbon change when it is exposed to oxygen. Your new bottle should have a tight seal to protect the drink from further oxygen exposure. 


    You should always store a bourbon bottle or container upright. If you tilt a container on its side, the chemicals in the cork can seep into the drink. This will affect the taste, even if the container was only on its side for a few hours. 

    You can place your container on the ground, against a wall, or on a shelf. If you are storing many containers in the same room, you may want to use shelves so you can organize bottles based on their age and brand. 

    Atmospheric Conditions

    You should keep your bourbon at room temperature, which is between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If you're going to drink it within a few days, you can place your container in the fridge. However, leaving bourbon in the cold for a long period of time can alter the flavors. 

    Find a room in your house that has a moderate temperature you can control. This room can have a thermostat in it so you can raise and lower the temperatures if need be. 

    The room should be dark, as sunlight can heat your bourbon and affect the aging process. It does not matter how big the room is as long as you can move around it easily.

    How to Store Bourbon

    Figuring out how to store bourbon can be a challenge. Buy your bottle of bourbon, then buy a smaller glass bottle with a good seal. As time goes on, pay attention to your bourbon's oxygen exposure.

    Keep your bottle upright and make sure it cannot fall on the floor. Keep the temperature around your bourbon in the 60s and minimize light exposure. But feel free to sample your bourbon after it has aged a few months or years. 

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