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    When it comes to clear liquors, vodka and white rum both have a wide range of uses. Either one can be used to craft a great drink. They’re both great in the summer. With their similar appearance, people often wonder how different the two really are. Does white rum taste different from vodka? If so, how so? Can they be used interchangeably? We’ll discuss what each one is, how white rum compares to vodka in terms of taste, how the two of them can be used, and if they’re interchangeable when mixing drinks.

    What is White Rum?

    It’s important to understand what exactly white rum is, when comparing it to vodka. Rum, in general, is liquor made directly from various sources of sugar, whether that be sugarcane, or molasses–sometimes pure cane sugar. So what does white rum taste like? This leaves rum with a sweet taste compared to other liquors. White rum, specifically–or silver rum, as it’s sometimes called, is rum which hasn’t been aged as long as other rums, and sometimes has been filtered in order to make it less dark. When compared to darker rums, white rum tends to be more neutral in flavor–yet still sweet.

    What is Vodka?

    While white rum is made from fermenting sugarcane or molasses, vodka takes a different approach. Like white rum, vodka is a clear liquor. Vodka is a liquor made from potatoes or grains–like wheat, though, meaning that generally speaking, it has less of a sweet taste than white rum does.

    How Do The Tastes Compare?

    Both white rum and vodka are excellent for making mixed drinks with. They’re both able to mesh well with other flavors as they don’t tend to have overpowering tastes of their own. When drinking them neat, or in shots, however, the difference between the two can become quite clear. When it comes to white rum vs. vodka, white rum will generally be the sweeter of the two.

    So, can they be used interchangeably? Absolutely–but results may vary. If you really wanted to make a mojito with vodka, you could probably make a pretty great tasting drink–though you might need to add a little extra simple syrup to get that flavor just right. You could also make a Moscow Mule with white rum if you were so inclined–though it may come out a little sweet.


    So, does white rum taste different from vodka? In short, yes. It does. Which one is better? That’s up to you. If you’re crafting the perfect moscow mule and you want to preserve a careful balance of sweetness and spice, you might prefer vodka. If you’re making the perfect mojito, and you want that sweetness to come through clearly alongside the mint and lime, white rum might be your go-to. At the same time, when it comes to drinking them neat, or taking shots, there are no losers and winners. It’s all about preference, and ultimately up to you.