Mizu 'Lemongrass' Shochu

Munemasa Shuzo Co.


Munemasa Shuzo Co.

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Atop a mountain near Takeo, just to the east of Arita, lies a tiny cluster of lemongrass fields that have become a source of local pride, and inspiration for this unique shochu. Handcrafted in the traditional way, it is single distilled from a mash of locally farmed rice and freshly harvested, organic lemongrass. At 70 proof it is more concentrated like shochus of old, yet the introduction of lemongrass is a first in shochu production; an innovative twist by master distillers Shinji Wada and Hirofumi Okoba.

Tasting notes: Drinks like a silky smooth, distilled sake, with gentle notes of lemongrass. A soft nose with hints of lemon, melon, and sweet cereals. On the palate, it is bright, ricey, herbaceous, and citrusy.

Enjoyed best on the rocks, or with a splash of soda water. Also enjoy with a variety of tropical mixers like coconut water (with a spritz of lemon), or citrusy soft drinks like lemonade.

Distilled and bottled in Saga, Japan, by the Munemasa Shuzo Co. of Arita.

More about Shochu: 
Shochu is a traditional, distilled Japanese spirit that is remarkably smooth and light with delicate, earthy notes. Originating from the south of Japan nearly 500 years ago, it has a rustic charm layered over centuries of craftsmanship and refinement. Its distinctive flavors are a tribute to the local harvests and are rooted in a deep appreciation for the purity and perfection found in nature. To capture the true essence of the ingredients, authentic shochu is distilled only one time to preserve and highlight the naturally occurring oils and aromas.


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