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  • Mash&Grape Dark Spirits Society Craft Spirits Marketplace

    Dark Spirits Society 

    A members only society, for the spirited few.

    Member Perks

    Exclusive Selections

    First dibs on all selections and exclusive access to our single barrel selections and limited items.

    Special Pricing

    Enjoy discounts on selected items sitewide, exclusively for members. Look for the DSS Deals tag.

    Free Shipping

    All orders over $95 qualify for free shipping for DSS members. No exceptions - any products, anytime.

    Some of our reserved selections


    What is the Dark Spirits Society?
    Dark Spirits Society (DSS) is our members-only club for whiskey enthusiasts. Members get access to rare and hard to find expressions along with our own exclusive single barrel selections and soon to come private offerings. 

    What are the benefits for members?
    DSS membership gets you priority access and exclusive benefits.

    - Early Access to all our email offers (1 day ahead)
    - Exclusive Access to allocated and limited items
    - Exclusive Access to single barrel selections and private bottlings

    - Free Shipping on all orders over $95  

    How do I access the reserved bottles?
    To access the member exclusive bottles and avail the member perks you will need to be logged in. If you don't have an account, use the same email to create an account as the one you used to join the society. If you face any issues, feel free to email us at openbar@mashandgrape.com.

    Is there a limit on how many bottles I can purchase?
    There is no overall limit on purchasing. However, limited release items will have a 2 bottle limit to ensure maximum happiness for all members. 

    Will I be notified on upcoming exclusive and/or single barrel releases?
    Yes. We will share details on any upcoming launches and allow members the opportunity to reserve bottles ahead of the product launch. 

    How many releases can I look forward to during my 12 month membership?
    We expect to have around 12 single barrel selections every year in addition to the continuous release of allocated and rare items throughout the year. 

    Can I request a specific item that I am looking for?
    Yes. DSS members will be able to avail of our concierge service which helps you acquire hard to find bottles from sellers around the globe. Many such bottles are acquired from existing members while others are available through third party sellers. 

    Can I purchase a membership as a gift?
    Currently the DSS membership is for limited personal enjoyment only and not available for gifting. 

    Do you offer any drinking accessories? 
    Exclusive merchandise will be available shortly and will include drinking accessories amongst other goodies. 

    Do you offer a referral program?
    DSS members will be able to invite other members in the near future. But currently we are limiting it to our existing customers only.